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"Used this company for the first time last month, i must say the staff there are friendly and very welcoming. The storage units are in excellent condition and as soon i as i saw the place i knew my goods would be safe and secure here. with no risk of leaks or pests. perhaps the best thing about this storage facility is the fact that the staff give you a personal code, what this means i didn't have to sign in everytime i went to pick something up. great service at a very fair price. "

Taheer Issa, Oadby, Leicester

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Mobile storage is similar to self storage but the significant difference is that you will no longer be required to hire a van to move your goods. We have specifically designed mobile storage units for this purpose, which we deliver to your door.

For the professionals, businesses, services industry professionals, shop keepers, market traders, domestic and students. We can cater for all of your storage requirements.

Storage Pods - Simple Self Storage
Storage Pods - Simple Self Storage
Storage Pods - Simple Self Storage


25 - 50 SQ FT

70 - 85 SQ FT

100 - 140 SQ FT

150 - 200 SQ FT

210 - 250 SQ FT


1-2 Bed Flat

2 Bed House

2-3 Bed House

2-3 Bed House

3-4 Bed House

3 Boxes

50 Boxes

100 Boxes

150 Boxes

200 Boxes

250 Boxes

We have storage space up to 50,000 sq ft space!