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"Great Service, had no problem at all the past 3 years we have been storing with you. Professional approach to a simple self storage solution."

John Davis, Oadby

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The Student Storage Unit

Our Mobile Self Storage vehicle will turn up at your accommodation door.

Mobile Self Storage

STEP 1: We deliver - STEP 2: You load up - STEP 3 We Collect

We will make sure your things are safe with us up until you return to your studies for the next term.

Provide us with your new accommodation details and we will deliver your things straight to your door.

We have special discounts for students!

Show us your NUS Card and receive special offers.

When going back home you don’t want to worry about the burden of all your bulky belongings and things u don’t need when off studying.

We know your busy with moving back and don’t have time to hire vans and arrange taxis to take to storage facilities.

It works out very expensive.

We have a time & cost effective way to get your things stored safe & secure.

Hassle free

Simple safe secure…

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Simple Self Storage is now offering a very simple solution to storage including the collection & delivery side to storage for students.

The way it works...

We deliver a storage unit to your door in one of our custom purpose built trailers.

You fill up the storage unit lock it with your padlock and call our office on completion. We will then send out the driver to collect the storage unit and store it in our fully alarmed warehouse.

Mobile Self Storage Vs Van Hire Vs Taxi

Van Hire - Our service beats hiring a van and all the inconveniences that come with it. Hiring a van means you have to produce licence documents, pay the expensive hire premiums, on top of that pay an extremely high deposit, you have to get insured and you have to top up the diesel. Also you have the worry of getting a scratch on the van you hire as the hefty deposit you paid will be lost.

Taxi - Our service beats calling a taxi and all the inconveniences that come with it. Calling a taxi means waiting around for the tax to come out to you and they charge a base rate plus a charge per minute waiting time. By the time you have loaded your things from your accommodation into the taxi you have already built up a double figure bill. Once you have loaded your belongings in the taxi, on the way you might hit traffic and that’s when the cost really shoots up.

You will then arrive at the self storage facility and start loading up your things whilst the taxi waits and keeps on charging. Even if the taxi driver doesn’t wait, you will have to call another taxi and they will charge another base rate and then you will have to go home again and maybe hit traffic AGAIN.

As you may have already figured out this method can be very expensive.

Mobile Self Storage

STEP 1: We deliver - STEP 2: You load up - STEP 3 We Collect

Simple, Safe, Secure…

So you see...

Who wouldn’t use the mobile self storage??? It would be expensive and inconvenient not to.

We can also deliver to wherever you like In the same simple 3 step process.

Mobile Self Storage Delivery

STEP 1: We deliver - STEP 2: You Un-load up - STEP 3 We Collect

Hassle free

Simple safe secure…